What is ReadRunner?

ReadRunner makes reading easier for those who have difficulties with words; it tranfers them onto smartphone or tablet and 
helps the reader follow them in an innovative, instinctive way.  It doesn’t read for you, it helps improve your reading. It works on computers, tablets and smartphones.

A brief story of ReadRunner

ReadRunner was conceived by:
Maria Gabriella Brodi, Eyal Fried and Remo Ricchetti. The first prototype was tested in the Istituto Scolastico Pellegrini di Massarosa on 14 dyslexic pupils (10-14 years old) under the control of the Clinica Universitaria di Neuroriabilitazione di Pisa. The results of the test were showcased at the Simfer Congress (Turin, September 2014) and will be included in a paper to be published at the end of the year.

How is ReadRunner going to help my kids/students?

L’obiettivo principale di ReadRunner è rendere piacevole e coinvolgente le attività di lettura fornendo ai ragazzi uno strumento che
+ possono usare in ogni momento su un dispositivo personale
+ si adegua alle necessità di ogni singolo lettore
+ incoraggia l’autonomia nella lettura e l’autostima di chi ha difficoltà a leggere
+ permette al lettore di leggere i testi fra una lista personale che può essere gestita anche dal genitore o da un tutor

How is ReadRunner going to help me as a teacher?

ReadRunner is conceived to keep students, families and caregivers connected. The teacher/tutor/therapist has a tool that can help him:
+ change the way your students read, relate to reading, and enrich the content of their reading
+ help to assign reading material in class or as a homework, conduct discussion in class and get students responses
+ follow up on their performance and adjust your curriculum or prepare your class accordingly
+ save you time and upgrade your toolset as a teacher and educator communicate with parents

What can I learn about my students with ReadRunners?

ReadRunner records the various activities of the reader so that for each student you will:

+ make sure he read all the assigned texts
+ how, when and how many times the student read the texts
+ listen to his/her reading
+ keep track of recurring mistakes
+ observe reading performances (speed, mistakes, preferences, etc.) get a report with the phases of progress and difficulties

Do students like using ReadRunner?

From our experience and testing so far they do, very much!

Students like the fact that they have a dedicated environment for reading that connects to their everyday experience with the mobile device.
 They like the gaming and fun aspects of the experience (the animated character, the finger touch etc. They like getting feedback for their improvement.

In brief: reading becomes cool, a new text becomes an adventure, and learning becomes fun.

Gabriella, ten years old, finds Read Runner “much nicer” than reading on the tachistocope.
 Andrea, twelve, asked if he could “transfer in ReadRunner” a story he wrote.

Do I have to work more if I use ReadRunner?

No, in fact, you probably will be working less (up to 60% less according to preliminary user tests), and your time will be spent more effectively. You will be able to focus more on what really matter:

+ how well do my students read? individually and as a group?
+ where exactly (in the text) do they have a difficulty?
+ you will get the information in one place, at the click of a button
+ you will be able to easily manage reading text

I’m not very good with technology. 
 Is ReadRunner easy to use?

ReadRunner is extremely easy to use 🙂

It takes a few seconds to register, and then you have a simple, easy and self-explanatory menu for:

+ managing your students’ performance
+ following up on their achievements
+ uploading and changing texts you would like them to read
+ communicating with their parents

It is as easy as buying books on Amazon, or making a list for the supermarket!

Can I use ReadRunner from home?

Of course! You can use ReadRunner anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. You can also use it on any device (your computer, tablet or smartphone), although certain features and details of the screen might be a bit different.

If I have any question or problem, who can I talk to?

In this test phase we’ll probably find several things to correct and modify. We would be grateful if you could let us know if you have any question or problem. Please do ask for support, you are helping us!

You can get in touch with Eyal Fried: eyal@bee3ee.com