FAQ - ReadRunner

What is ReadRunner?

ReadRunner helps people who struggle with the challenge of reading by creating a personalized and engaging reading environment.

ReadRunner enables the reader to embed any desired text into a playful reading environment, on his or her own tablet, smartphone or any other digital device.

At Readrunner, we do not want the machine to read for you!

We want to help you read better, and regain the true pleasure of reading.

ReadRunner was conceived by three people who thought that reading should be for everyone, even those who find it difficult and scary.

First was Maria Gabriella, who’s son has dyslexia, and who fought with him for years through the difficulties of reading in a world that does not understand.

Being a computer expert, Maria Gabriella believed that technology might be able to help her son, as well as millions throughout the world. So she asked her friend, Remo, an engineer and designer to help. Remo got excited and asked Eyal, his friend, a psychologist and designer to help as well.

And so three people have embarked on a journey to create a beautiful and useful tool that can help people read.

Not read for them, but let them enjoy the wonderful experience of reading.

The first prototype was successfully tested in the Istituto Scolastico Pellegrini di Massarosa, with fourteen dyslexic students, ten to fourteen years old, under the supervision of the Clinica Universitaria di Neuroriabilitazione di Pisa.
ReadRunner is currently in a more advanced field-testing phase with an improved product, and is available for testing and collaborations

First and foremost, ReadRunner makes reading fun. If your child or student likes reading but find it challenging, exhausting or frustrating, reading through ReadRunner will eliminate all that.

Secondly, ReadRunner will improve your students’ reading. It will do so not by reading for them but by identifying the hurdles and suggest appropriate solutions, all in an engaging and friendly way.

Your students or your children will be able to use ReadRunner on their own smartphone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. It will empower them to read, and increase their self-confidence.

ReadRunner will be attentive to your student’s personal situation and performance, and will adapt to fit their own needs.

ReadRunner is conceived to keep students, families and caregivers connected


The teacher/tutor/therapist has a tool that can help him

  • change the way your students read, relate to reading, and enrich the content of their reading.
  • help to assign reading material in class or as a homework, conduct discussion in class and get students responses.
  • follow up on their performance and adjust your curriculum or prepare your class accordingly.
  • save you time and upgrade your toolset as a teacher and educator.
  • communicate with parents.

ReadRunner records the various activities of the reader.

It does so seamlessly, and does not interfere with the reading experience of the student.

As the teacher, you will have your own, dedicated and secure place on the ReadRunner system.

  • you can make sure your student reads all the assigned texts
  • you will get precise information about how, when and how many times the student has read the texts
  • you can listen to your student reading
  • you will be able to track and categorize recurring mistakes
  • you will be able to evaluate the overall reading performance (speed, mistakes, patterns, preferences, etc.) and receive a report of progress and improvement.

From our experience with students so far, they love it!

Students like the fact that they have a safe environment for reading that connects to their everyday experience with the mobile device.

They like the gaming and fun aspects of the experience (the animated character, the finger touch, etc.)

They like getting feedback for their improvement, because they are not being afraid of it.

In a nutshell:  reading a new text becomes an exciting adventure, reading becomes cool, and learning becomes fun.


Gabriella, ten years old, finds ReadRunner “much nicer” than reading on the tachistocope.

Andrea, twelve, asked if he could “transfer in ReadRunner” a story he wrote.

Absolutely not.

In fact, you probably will be working much less (up to 60% less according to preliminary user testing), and your time will be spent more efficiently.

Using ReadRunner will enable you to focus more on issues that really matter, such as:

  • How much improvement are my students making? Individually and as a group?
  • Where in a particular text they’re having trouble?
  • What types of mistakes are they making?
  • Where and when are they reading?

You will get all this information in one place, at the click of a button.

You will be able to easily manage reading materials, check status, compare performance, communicate with parents.

AND: you will have fun doing it as well…

ReadRunner is extremely easy to use :)

You can use it on your computer or mobile device.

It takes a few seconds to sign up, and then you have a simple, easy and self-explanatory menu for:

  • managing your students’ performance
  • following up on their achievements
  • uploading and changing texts you would like them to read
  • communicating with their parents

It is as easy as buying books on Amazon, or making a list for the supermarket!

If you still feel a bit unsure, you can always get in touch with us. We are here to help!

Of course!

You can use ReadRunner anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also use it on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone), although certain features and details might look a bit different on the screen.

(Italiano) Ad oggi ReadRunner gestisce testi in Italiano ed in Inglese ma siamo già pronti con Francese, Tedesco e Spagnolo.

Nella prima fase di test, per semplicità e per via che la prima diffusione avviene in Italia, abbiamo preferito mantenere le principali funzioni di sito ed app in italiano e inglese.

Le versioni in altre lingue saranno comunicate sul nostro sito e sui nostri canali social.

(Italiano) Il nostro progetto è basato sull’esperienza del lettore pertanto è molto utile avere il riscontro di chi usa ReadRunner ogni giorno.

Abbiamo già iniziato una campagna di test in alcune scuole (principalmente elementari e medie) per comprendere meglio necessità ed esigenza degli utenti e per la quale non prevediamo costi per le scuole che vi partecipano.

Se volete partecipare o iniziare una periodo di test nella vostra scuola scrivete a info@bee3ee.com

We are still testing and perfecting our system, so we’ll probably find several things to correct and modify.

We would be grateful if you could let us know if you have any question or problem.

Please do ask for support, you are helping us!

You can get in touch with us at: info@bee3ee.com